Saturday, October 29, 2011

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Neck and Shoulder Massage

What is it? A Neck and shoulder massage can help de-stress and relieve the tension around the neck and shoulder area apart from a complete full body massage.

With computers being the medium of operation in most desk jobs, strain on eyes, neck and the back is a common work hazard. The neck and the back are also the most common areas of the body for soreness and tension. Most people also suffer from occasional stiff necks, aching shoulders and headaches due to long working hours and stress-inducing schedules.

The neck is an important bridge between the brain and the rest of the body. The resilient and flexible structure of the neck maintains the communication between the brain and the body despite the tensions in the neck region. With the increase in worry and anxiety the tension in the neck there is the tendency for the shoulders to rise creating tension in the entire neck and shoulder area.

How does one benefit from a Neck Massage? Massage is great for relieving shoulder and neck tension and back pain. It could also bring about a calming effect to help you get back in action.

A neck and shoulder massage can be given either in a seated or lying down position. Beauty clinics, health clubs and sports centers do offer massage therapy and private practitioners also offer massage therapy in the convenience of your home or workplace for on-site neck and shoulder massage.

One of the known treatments to cure a stiff neck and shoulder is a Tune-up treatment that can be done at the workplace itself. Tune-ups can also be used after athletic exertion or long periods of studying.

What is the Tune-up treatment? The tune up is a basic, easy way to begin the journey into massage. It consists of petrissage (kneading) and palming friction movements. The palm and fingers are used in a web like shape and the inside of the hand is used to grasp, pull and squeeze the muscles.

Tune-ups are done fully clothed on a massage chair, sitting up in a chair, or lying down. This type of therapy is recommended for 10 to 15 minutes at the work place to help relieve repetitive motion, computer neck and shoulder relief.

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